Ten Foodie Gifts For Under $10

The holidays are upon us once again, you're broke, and you've just picked Bob in the office grab bag. He's the guy who lives to Instagram every single meal -- from bread to dessert.

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Don't fret, our poor yet fabulous friends, because the Short Order elves have put together a list (we've checked it twice) of ten fabulous gifts for foodies -- all under ten bucks.

Best part of all? These gifts make the perfect stocking stuffers, office gifts, or secret Santas for anyone on your list -- not just the guy who lives to eat!

10. Taylor's of Harrogate Spiced Christmas Tea
This tea was created by English master tea blenders for the holidays. A blend of black China teas, lemon peels, orange peels, cinnamon and safflower petals will make the entire room smell like Christmas. This spicy tea is best served with just a little honey to bring out the sweetness in the orange.Festive and traditional. $7 at The Olfactory Company.

9. Chocolate Santa
Sure you can go buy some stale chocolate Santa at a big box store, but this Santa is hand crafted locally with high quality chocolate. Choose Santa, a snowman, or a toy soldier. $10 at Schakolad Chocolate Factory.

8. Fresh Local Honey
Marcie Davis treats her bees like tens of thousands of little children. Only these kids go to work each and every day to help pollinate our local plant life and make sweet, sweet honey.  The honey is locally sourced in Miami and the surrounding areas and is available in raw tropical wildflower,  raw orange blossom, and raw honey infused with passionfruit. Order online or stop by the Coconut Grove Organic Market on Saturday and pick up some honey as well as beeswax candles and home made honey soap. Starting at $5 at Bee My Honey.

7. Pickle Lip Balm
Perfect for that person in your office who always has a "sour puss" on their face or for anyone who you'd like to "pucker up" for you. $5.32 at Amazon.com.

6. Luchador Bottle Opener
This tiny wrestler puts your beer in a leglock and wrenches the cap right off. $4.99 at Amazon.com

5. Makers Mark Coasters
What do you get a bourbon lover if you're too cheap to spring for the bourbon? These awesome coasters are made to look like the iconic red wax seal on every Makers Mark bottle. ($9.95) Makers Mark Shop

4. Marshmallows
So the weather outside isn't frightful. Hot chocolate is still delightful -- especially with these fresh, hand made marshmallows to float in your cup. The Little Flower Candy Company makes marshmallows in your choice of vanilla, coffee, chocolate, peppermint, or cinnamon sugar. $6 at Little Flower Candy Co.

3. Beer Bands Drink Markers
Did you ever go to a party, put down your beer and wonder which one was yours a minute later? Not for nothing, but who wants to guess and maybe take a swig from the wrong bottle? With these Beer Bands, you'll never have to worry about drinking a strangers backwash ever again. $6.99 at Perpetual Kid.com

2. Bacon Roses
Forget traditional bouquets or (shudder) those people that shape fruit into flowers. The only way to truly show someone you love them is with flowers....bacon scented flowers, that is. A half-dozen hand-made roses that have the long-lasting scent of bacon. Imagine her surprise when she gets a whiff of these beauties. $6.99 for a half dozen, splurge for a dozen at $11.99 at J&D's.

1. Chocolate Dipped Bacon Jerky
Dude, we just said: CHOCOLATE...DIPPED....BACON.....JERKY!
'Nuff said. $9.97 at Etsy.com.

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