Ten Flavored Vodkas We'd Like to See in Stores

Arguably, 2012 was the year that flavored vodka jumped the shark. Once limited to simple, (semi) natural flavors like cherry, vanilla and citrus, this year the industry made inroads into liquid flavors we never thought possible. From salted caramel and chocolate covered cherry to Fruit Loops and PB&J - some were delicious while others ... just ew.

But despite the plethora of options released in 2012, we still think the bigwigs missed the boat on a few flavors. So check out Short Order's list of what we'd like to see hitting store shelves in the foreseeable future.

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10. Fried chicken
Fried chicken is unarguably delicious. And if it makes for good eats, naturally, it should translate into booze (think bacon infused bourbon). Besides, just eating KFC isn't enough. The world wants to drink those genetically modified, four-winged chickens, too.

9. Pop Tarts
Not just for breakfast anymore, the world's most beloved frosted pastry needs to make its way into liquid form. Just imagine: cherry Pop Tart flavored vodka; s'mores Pop Tart flavored vodka; even pumpkin pie Pop Tart flavored vodka. Triple processed chemical treats.

8. Hot Pockets
We miss Hot Pockets. It seems that after college, after our early 20s drunken 5 a.m. feedings, these freezer treats are forgotten. So we should immortalize their gourmet flavor combinations in the form of a liquid libation. Pepperoni pizza; turkey and broccoli; cheeseburger: we'll drink to that.

7. Doritos Loco Tacos
As of August, Taco Bell had sold more than 200 million of these mashups. So obviously, people really, really, really, really, really dig 'em. And while we may not agree with the prevailing wisdom of pairing ground "beef" with processed cheese food cum tortilla chips - who are we to argue? If the fast food giant wants to make even more moolah off this bright idea, an alcoholic version should totally be the next step.

6. Ramen
Ahhhh, ramen. Our favorite 12 cent grocery store stand-by. How would we have gotten through college without them? And now that they've become high end cuisine, that's all the more reason to bring them to liquor store shelves. Now if only we could stick with that 12 penny price point ...

5. Funyuns
Food with "fun" in the name = awesome sauce. How can something made out of onions taste so much better than onions? Well, it's likely there's not a whole lot of actual onion in these things, but they're delicious nonetheless. And they'd make one hell of a vodka. Just think: Funyun bloody marys.

4. Kool Aid
Everyone loves Kool Aid. It's powdery sweetness; it's mouth-staining hues; it's jolly mascot slash pitcher. And given its enduring popularity, we're stumped as to why mainstream liquor hasn't caught on. We'd totally be into cherry Kool Aid flavored hooch. Oh yeah.

3. Butter
Butter makes everything better - just ask Paula Deen. Following said logic, it would undoubtedly make booze better, too. If Jelly Belly can do it, so can Smirnoff.

2. Red Bull
This seems perfectly reasonable. After all, Red Bull and vodka is the drink of choice for club kids across Miami (and the world). Why drink the two together when you can drink a Red Bull FLAVORED vodka? All the caffeine, all the alcohol, all the brain cell-crushing concoction in one handy bottle.

1. McRib
McDonald's crack-laced (so we suspect), meat by-product concoction gets groupies lined up every time it makes a menu appearance. And since people are so into the ribless wonder (and chihuahuas, too), they'd undoubtedly love drinking it with a splash of club soda, too.

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