Ten Best Vegan Candies for Halloween

It's Halloween week, which means there are bowls and bags and towers of candy greeting you everywhere you go -- much of it laced with eggs and butter, which is totally worse than razor blades. (Kidding!)

Luckily, there are plenty of "accidentally" vegan sweets out there -- more than you probably imagined. Here are the ten best to stock up on, so you don't feel left out of this week's sugar smorgasboard.

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10. Pez

The ultimate throwback candy that never goes out of style, this head-bending fave is happily vegan. And you've gotta love their witch and pumpkin-headed Halloween themed-treats.

9. Sour Patch Kids

Not just for the movies, these super-sour neon-hued delights are free from animal products and as pucker-inducing as you remember. Yay!

8. Skittles

Eat the rainbow is the vegan motto, so this totally works. Generally it refers to vegetables, but it's kosher for candy, too.

7. Twizzlers

Licorice is vegan. Win! Not just Twizzlers, but Red Vines, too. Even the different flavors, if you're into the non-traditional.

6. Swedish Fish

Surprisingly, these delicious red (traditionally) fishies are gelatin-free. Better than seafood any day.

5. Blow Pops

Lollipop plus gum is like two treats in one, and these super-sugary pops are always a kid favorite on Halloween.

3. Ring Pops

Forget diamonds. Ring Pops are food and jewelry in one -- far more utilitarian.

2. Nerds

These days, nerds are the new cool kids, and isn't it about time they made a candy comeback? Revenge of the (sugary) nerds, indeed.

1. Fun Dip

OK, so it's just powdered sugar on a sugar stick, but it's delicious powdered sugar on a delicious sugar stick. And it comes in cool colors. What's not to love?

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