Tomatoes at the Hacarmel market in Tel Aviv.
Tomatoes at the Hacarmel market in Tel Aviv.
Photos by Jacquelynn D. Powers

Tel Aviv's Produce Market Explored

Hacarmel, Tel Aviv's fruit and vegetable bazaar, is like the world's largest, freshest supermarket. Stall upon stall of succulent produce is sold at this bustling marketplace. From the ordinary (luscious red tomatoes) to the unique (spices and chicken hearts) to the pedestrian (underwear and pots and pans), anything can be purchased here. Shoppers leave this foodie flea market with bags stuffed with produce, olives, olive oil, pastries, and herbs. The prices are fair ,and the vendors enjoy the art of bargaining. Below, some pictures taken during a recent sojourn to Tel Aviv. 

Israeli spices. ​
Israeli spices.


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