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Taverna Opa's $25 Surf & Turf: Deal or No Deal?

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The South Beach location of Taverna Opa has a
$25 surf and surf entree. This is interesting because down the block is Prime 112, where an 8-ounce filet mignon goes for $38. I know, I
know, how much hope can you have for a Greek restaurant serving up steak, but
there's more to it than that.


The decor might not exactly scream authentic Greece and the bellydancer might only be enticing old men, but that atmosphere is laid-back and unpretentious, The neighborhood is chock full of both the high-brow and under-the-radar.


The surf and turf comes with filet mignon and lobster tail. It's served with green beans, yucca, and rice. While taking our order, the waitress couldn't understand the temperatures we were requesting. It could have been the loud pop music overhead or the staff dropping paper napkins on guests interfering with her hearing. I repeatedly asked for medium rare. Again nd again, she spit back "medium well." Peeking at her order pad, I saw MR, but had my doubts.


Sure enough, the surf and turf arrived with a medium well filet mignon. I'd have sent it back had the lobster tail not been perfect - easily emerging from its shell. The side of green beans was less than satisfactory: perhaps out of a can, they were soggy and blah. The rice was a bit buttery, but was cooked just right and seasoned well.The yucca was ordinary.


All in all, if the steak had been delivered at the requested temperature, this dish would definitely be a steal. But getting that perfect steak is the challenge. The lobster tail, alone, makes the dish worth taking your chances on.

Taverna Opa

36-40 Ocean Drive,

South Beach

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