Tapas & Tintos Set to Open in Midtown

South Beach fave Tapas & Tintos looks like it's going to open its second outpost on the corner of 36th and NE 2nd Avenue at the former Kafa Cafe spot.

Known more for nightly musical features than food, Tapas & Tintos will bring some much needed variety and spice to Midtown/Design District, which is quickly being overrun by high-end, chef-driven concepts. T&T's menu offers over 40 distinct tapas and small plates ($6 to $14), Spanish inspired house cocktails ($9 to $15) and affordable wine choices. Specialty items include patatas bravas (angry potatoes) and garbanzos con chorizo.

But opening in an area that touts premium ingredients, big-name chefs and every single dining trend, will require some change from their standard operation. In addition to music, stellar food, creative cocktails and great service must prevail. Let's see how they do.

As for the date? One word...Soon. The place is already lagging in the customer service department. We left a few messages and got no reply. Even though we can't confirm the date yet, we can confirm loud drilling noises coming from within the restaurant when we stopped by to snap some shots.

Hello Tapas & Tintos! Looking forward to weekly salsa and flamenco; just make sure to leave the shortcuts on the Beach.

Tapas & Tintos will be located at 3535 NE 2nd Avenue, on the corner of 36th street, at the old Kafa Cafe.

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Aniece Meinhold