Talula's Offal Tasting Menu for South Beach Wine & Food Fest

The South Beach Wine and Food Festival is in for an offal treat. That means organs, and entrails from pig, cow, ducks, and more at Talula, Miami Beach's best kept secret.

On the menu are delicacies like sweetbreads, livers, hearts, tripe, ears, and foie gras for a total of seven courses for $78.

Chef Andrea Curto-Randazzo told @frodnesor via Twitter, "We look at it as waste not, want not - a different approach to sustainable cooking + a way to show what's thrown out is amazing."

Follow Talula online via Twitter @sobetalula, or call 305-672-0778 to make an offal reservation, and remember this is a very special, limited time menu for the festival weekend.

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