Favorite Dishes

Tacontento: Mango Salsa, Strawberry Sauce, and Many Meats

Festive decor with multi-colored

pinatas overhead and bright pink and yellow walls draw you into Tacontento. And

before you know it, you're seated at a lime green table sipping a

cool, refreshing glass of horchata ($4). Scanning the menu, your

eye is drawn to the guacamole ($9), which comes

chunky with mild flavors that don't distract your palate from the

avocado. It is topped with diced tomatoes and cilantro. The tortilla

chips are thick, not greasy, and come

unsalted. Is it worth $9? Probably not. Chips and guac should be half

the price.

The signature dish is the

tacontento ($29). It's suggested for two to

three people, it could even be shared amongst four if you're ordering

an appetizer or two. The large platter is comprised of grilled meats

-- chicken, chorizo, steak, pork loin, and tacos al pastor. The

meats bleed into one another because of the way they're arranged, so

if you're particular about your meats touching, speak up. Sauteed

scallions, flautas, Mexican cheese fondue, cheese quesadillas, spring

onions, and guacamole also accompany the meats. The flautas are

delicious. Stir the fondue. The quesadillas are

so-so; floppy and bland. Warm corn tortillas are served in a separate

basket. You're making your own tacos, so get creative and don't be

afraid to apply the fondue, a scallion, and multiple salsas generously.

The idea is noble and the meats and tortillas are delicious. For two,

$29 is still a bit steep to split considering it is Mexican food.

While small ramekins of a medley of

salsas/chiles are brought to the table and replenished without

question, we tried the detrimentally hot habanero and

mango salsa. It starts off sweet, as you roll the

taste of mango along your tongue, and then the spice sets your mouth on fire. Everything in moderation is the

suggestion here.

We finished our meal with a sweet

chimichanga ($6 for one, $10 for two). It was a homemade crispy sweet tortilla

filled with sweet cheeses and topped with strawberry sauce. The sauce

was watery and the sweet cheeses oozed out and all over the plate.

Not the greatest dessert.

715 N. Lincoln Lane, Miami Beach

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