Tacontento Coming to South Beach in June

Arriving in South Beach early next month will be Tacontento, a fast/casual full service Mexican restaurant. Tacontento translates to be happy, and if the slogan, "The best tacos... period," comes anywhere close to being true, we will be.

Tacontento started in the late '90s as a taco stand in Guatemala CIty, and has since rolled out to over 14 locations in Latin America. A new location is being added every "45 days," which will translate to 25 restaurants by the end of this year. This venue touts a full bar, outdoor patio, and a menu where nothing exceeds $20.

A few dishes to look for:

*Chicharron de queso", or grilled cheese "crispy and rolled up" ($7);

sincronizadas, which is two flour tortillas filled with ham and cheese

and finished with guacamole and pico de gallo ($7); ceviche Monterrico

($12); nachos, quesadillas, enchiladas, and flautas.

Tacos are the signature menu item, each made with fresh corn tortillas

from the in-house Comal. Options include al pastor (adobe marinated

pork slow cooked in open coal fire - $9), tacos de pollo (chicken -

$9), tacos de lomo de cerdo (pork tenderloin - $9), and tacos de

cochinita pibil (pulled pork in a spicy sweet 'n' sour sauce - $9), and

tacos de chorizo Mexicano ($9).

Within Tacontento is Bar Agave, specializing in frozen or "on the

rocks" margaritas, all made with 100% blue agave tequila. Drinks are

sweetened with natural organic agave nectar and employ fruit purees,

herbs and spices.

All of this sounds very promising, but the proof shall be found between the tortillas.

Tacontento is located at 715 N. Lincoln Lane; 305-673-1552.

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