Sweetness Bakeshop Offers Two Limited-Edition Super Bowl Cupcake Flavors

We've been on the Sweetness Bakeshop trail for the past couple of weeks, since we discovered their awesome custom cakes and took a look at the rest of their store offerings. Cupcakes remain the most popular item at the shop -- especially because owner Stephanie Perez-Diaz and her partners keep rolling out new, creative flavors. 

In honor of the Super Bowl, Sweetness has created a limited-edition flavor for both the Steelers and the Packers. No, Pittsburgh's cupcake isn't black and yellow, but yes, for the adventurous, the Green Bay version includes cheese! 

Steelers fans, you get the boozy "Boiler Maker": a Yuengling cake filled with whiskey sabayon and topped with whiskey buttercream -- similar in taste to that of an Irish car bomb, minus the Irish cream, says Perez- Diaz. "We wanted to feature the whisky so we doubled up on it," she says. "We're also using Yuengling beer which is native to Pennsylvania."

Meanwhile, Packers fans, you get -- what else -- the "Cheesehead": Wisconsin sharp cheddar and beer cake, topped with cheddar cheese frosting. Perez-Diaz describes the savory cake as "edgier, made similar to that of a Wisconsin beer cheese soup," she says. "It's sweet and smoky with subtle hints of beer."

Place your orders for these ASAP by calling Sweetness at 305-271-7791. The shop is at 9549 Sunset Drive, Miami. For everyone else who looks forward to more traditional, sweeter flavors, stay tuned for the shop's limited-edition Valentine's Day creations. 

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Arielle Castillo
Contact: Arielle Castillo