Sweetness Bakery and Cafe in Hialeah: Try Turkey, Brie and Apricot Jam Sammie at Saturday Opening

Sweetness is cupcakes, creative sandwiches, homemade red velvet twinkies, and a grand opening party with Quiky, the Nesquick bunny, giving away free chocolate milk. We have previously covered the opening of Sweetness Bakeshop and Cafe in Hialeah but we finally got to check it out and sink our teeth into the dulzura, without the cavities. This adorable bakery and cafe has been open (softly) for a month, but come this Saturday, between 12 p.m. to 6 p.m., they make it official with a grand opening party where the first 100 customers get a free 4-pack of cupcakes, free coffee and chocolate milk by Nestle for all, with giveaways and raffles throughout the day.

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Beyond the festivities and cupcakes, other items that we found and loved were the Turkey Apricot Melt and Nana's Banana Pudding. We love the idea of interesting melts and Thanksgiving leftover style sandwiches and this sandwich offered that same appeal with turkey and apricot jam (instead of cranberry sauce), brie and thousand island dressing. The sandwich was good and for just $5.99 the price was even better. Speaking of Thanksgiving, the puddin' provided the proof that if our nana had made this dish, the holiday with the family would be bearable.

Sweetness bakeshop serves up a plethora of treat food in a warm and cozy family friendly environment with Jenga, Etch A Sketch, cupcake displays and dessert shots. Inviting baby blue paint covers the wall and signs with positive uplifting messages like, "Real men eat cupcakes" adorn the backdrop. Overall, the new location is delightful and a party to celebrate the opening in Hialeah is well-worth the sugar high.

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