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Sushi SoBe at Loews

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SoBe landed in the lobby of Loews Miami Beach Hotel with less

razzmatazz than one might expect -- especially in light of the menu

having been developed by one of just six Master Sushi Chefs in the

United States. That would be Fuji Fujita, executive sushi chef for

Loews Hotels. Execution of the menu has been handed to Fuji's protégé,

Tung Nguyen. If I was producing a sushi series for The Food Network,

I'd try to get these guys so I could call the show Fuji and Tung.

South Beach.JPG
Naturally the sushi bar/lounge is fashionably dazzling, and the sushi

is presented in dazzling fashion -- or is it the other way around?

Either way, get set to enjoy tropical salmon roll,

seared big eye tuna, and sake cocktails made with refreshers such as

cucumber and lemonade. Boozers -- I mean those who enjoy sipping sake

and cocktails with their sushi -- should circle Wednesdays on the

calendar for Sushi and Sake Night: 50% off all signature cocktails,

sake, wine, and beer purchased with any food order.  Feeling  a frantic

need to reserve? Call 305-604-5420.    

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