Superstorm Sandy Chefs: Tweets From The Front Line of the Storm

We've all been watching the shocking reports from New York that show the damage that Superstorm Sandy did to the the northeast. Many of us have been up all night, glued to the television and thinking of friends and family riding out the storm.

ABC News is reporting that over seven million people have been left without power and 17 people have been confirmed dead in the aftermath of this storm. The world's most vibrant city is essentially closed as Sandy's storm surges flooded subways, closed hospitals, and shuttered the New York Stock Exchange.

One of the worst things that happens in a storm is the feeling of isolation felt when the power is cut off and communication is rendered impossible. Thankfully, we now have smartphones equipped with Twitter, allowing people to let friends and family know they're OK.

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Some of New York's best chefs took to Twitter to share information, pictures, and some storm-related activities (which included drinking and an impromptu jam session). Some Tweets are funny. Some poignant. But they all give us an idea of a long and scary night as seen through the eyes of some of our favorite toques.

Anthony Bourdain comforts his daughter as the storm rages outside.

Shake Shack's Danny Meyer's Tweet is short and poignant.

Bizarre Foods' host Andrew Zimmern Tweets a good thought at the end of a long night.

Chefs Andrew Carmellini and Eddie Huang keep each other in the loop during the storm.

Andrew Carmellini finds a way to pass the time while riding out Sandy.

Carla Hall takes one of the last flights back to New York before the storm hits.

The Westside Highway under water.

We didn't know the chef was also a musician.

Mario Batali reports that it's lights out in the Village.

Mario Batali's view of the Village in darkness.

Eric Ripert witnesses one of the top news items -- a crane collapse in midtown Manhattan.

Eric Ripert snaps a pic of a crane teetering 75 stories over Manhattan.

Martha Stewart finally finds something more powerful than she is -- Superstorm Sandy trumps the kitchen diva (and her horses, donkeys, and chickens).

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