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Summer Produce: Gabriele Marewski Explains How to Snag the Good Stuff

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For tropical fruit, says Marewski, it's often about the smell. So give those fruits a nose before you snag 'em.

"There are mangoes in season, jackfruit, mamey, passion fruit, longan, Thai guava - that's what's local," Marewski says.

"With jackfruit you do want it to have some give. You should be able to smell it, it has a strong odor and you like that strong odor because that lets you know it's ripe."

Ripe jackfruit, for those unfamiliar, tastes like a cross between a banana and a pineapple.

"With mangoes, when they have color break -- you can see that it's not all one color. It turns into other colors. You can smell a mango too when its ripe. A mango will have a little bit of give to it also," she says.

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