Sugar Rush Dessert Truck Arrives in Time for Art Basel

I found Sugar Rush at Rainbow City on Friday night. It was their first night on the town. Sugar Rush is the mobile version of Sweetness Bake Shop & Café in Kendall.

Folks who'd wrapped up their Jefe's Original Fish Taco dinners next door straggled over; others just lined up for dessert first. Customers seemed excited: one Basel-goer's face just lit up when she heard "red velvet."

"We'll be partnering with other food trucks like Jefe's and Fish Box since we're not competing," says Diaz. Sugar Rush will be out with Jefe's Original Fish Taco again on Thursday at the Miami Street Food Court.

Sugar Rush was selling mini-cupcakes Friday night ($1.00/each). If you're the kind of person who

scrapes the buttery mountain of frosting off your cupcake, you'll like

the restraint of Sugar Rush's minis. Each one is crowned by a small

dollop. They're cute and small, like a palate cleanser.


says the most popular cupcake at Sweetness Bake Shop is the Guayabera,

which is made with a guava center and a cream cheese frosting. Red

velvet cupcakes are popular too--they sold out Friday night. They were

also selling Oreo Overdose and a very aromatic French Toast cupcake. If

Sweetness's menu is any indication, the Sugar Rush truck should

offer lots of creative cupcake varieties.

Other intriguing items

on the menu are passion fruit crème brulee, whoopee pies, and tartufo,

which is a scoop of ice cream dipped in chocolate. You can also grab

espresso or flavored lattes at the truck.

Follow Sugar Rush on Twitter.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.