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Sugar Free Mixers and Regalia Vodka at Purvis Young's Studio for Urban Dwellers Group Show

Purvis Young is a self taught artist born in Liberty City in 1943 whose work started on the streets of Overtown with found objects and reject paint. His works now hang in the best museums in the world and his studio is right here in Wynwood.

Saturday night at Purvis Young's Studio (255 NE 23rd Street), for a group show called Urban Dwellers with artists Vee, and Jo Ann Nava, free drinks came courtesy of sponsors Regalia Vodka, and Good Spirits Sugar Free Mixers.

Regalia Vodka is distilled and bottled in Russia according to state-controlled standards of quality. It is smooth.

Good Spirits Sugar Free Mixers are produced by Fort Lauderdale-based Drink Co. Here's this description from the website: "Our South Florida lifestyle often keeps us scantily dressed and baring our skin. We work hard for our bodies and do not want to waste calories on sugary concoctions. Drinking our favorite alcohol with water or club soda is well, just boring."

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Jacob Katel
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