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Strange Food Addictions: Chalk, Cigarette Ashes, Drywall, and More (Video)

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10. Bianca started eating pottery but found it wasn't gritty enough, so she went on to eat cigarette ashes. And we thought bacon was the gateway food.

9. Kristyn eats chalk. Wasn't this supposed to be a punishment for bad Catholic school children in the olden days? Not only that, she's gotten her sisters to try it.

8. Josh eats glass. Which isn't really weird if you're a circus person, but it is kinda weird at the dinner table. What does glass taste like? According to Josh, it's like "eating horrendously sharp rock candy".

7. Charmissa likes the clean, fresh scent of dryer sheets so much, she started eating them. With a taste that's "kinda spicy and tangy" at the same time, they sound tempting, but we'll stick with some General Tso's Chicken.

6. Keisha likes to eat toilet paper. Best place to eat said TP? According to Keisha, it's the movie theatre. Don't think she doesn't have standards...Keisha will only eat white toilet paper...because eating colored paper would be weird.

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