Stone Crab Season Ends Wednesday

Stone crab season ends May 16, bringing an end to that beautiful cracking and slurping until October. We're going to miss dipping those sweet pink and purple claws in creamy mustard sauce, but are delighted the crabs have the summer to rest and mate.

We suggest a stone crab feast tonight as the perfect way to end the season. From take home to dine-in, here's where you can get your last meal, so to speak.

Garcia's Seafood Grille & Fish Market
This family-run seafood restaurant is known for having some of the freshest catch of practically everything. Take-out stone crabs are available by the pound, in several claw sizes. Choose from medium ($24.99), large ($29.99), or jumbo ($39.99), or order a platter at the restaurant (ranges from $26 - $66). Stone crabs should be available until Thursday, May 17.

Captain Jim Hanson's Seafood Market & Restaurant
Captain Jim's still has a limited amount of stone crabs. Take out your claws or dine-in. Order Medium claws ($19.99) or large ($24.99) by the pound, or get a plate for $19.99 (medium) or $24.99 (large).  Captain Jim will crack the claws and all order come with mustard dipping sauce.  While supplies last.

Monty's Raw Bar
If you want claws on a budget, check out tonight's happy hour from 4 to 8 p.m., where medium claws will set you back only $4 each. Other sizes are available and range upward to $21. Pair with a few painkillers and you've got one happy Monday.

Fresh Market
The gourmet market offers large ($29.99) and jumbo ($32.99) by the pound. Don't forget to ask for the seafood department people to crack the claws and give you a side of mustard sauce.

My Ceviche
Stone crabs fresh from the ocean are provided by George's Stone Crab. Take out or have My Ceviche deliver the claws to your door if you live in South Beach or mid-beach. Better yet -- play hooky and My Ceviche will deliver right to the beach. Sold by the pound, the claws are $24.95 for mediums, $34 for large, $42 for jumbos.

Joe's Stone Crab
Sure it's going to cost you, but don't you want one last feast at Joe's before the doors close on crab season on May 20? Market prices for a platter of medium, large, or jumbo claws, served with Joe's mustard sauce and melted butter.

Joe's Take Away
If you don't want to wait for a table at Joe's, stop by the take-away on your way home and pick up some claws for a feast at home. A medium order (eight claws) is $25.95, and an order of large claws (five claws) is $48.95. Both come with Joe's mustard sauce and butter.

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