STK=STINK, And a Couple of Other Restaurant Notes

*As being reported on this site and others, Brosia has closed in the Design District. Lots of folks liked it, and the outdoor patio was one of the coolest, but I, for one, won't miss the wavering service and uneven cuisine.

*Maison d'Azur has shut its' doors at the Astor Hotel (or is it Hotel Astor?) in South Beach. This is strike two for Maison, which last year closed at The Angler Hotel just a couple of blocks away. Next pitch comes when Maison debuts at Midtown Miami (or is it Miami Midtown?). Note to Maison: Keep your eye on the ball.

*The Astor Hotel has struck out with its' restaurants more times than we can count. There really hasn't been a good one there since Johnny V first had the joint swinging in 1995. Maybe it's time to replace the outdoor dining deck and put back the swimming pool. After all, most hotel guests would probably prefer taking a dip in a pool than getting soaked at a restaurant.

*You may have heard that STK is coming to the Gansevoort Hotel. This is not going to be your typical, run-of-the-mill, old-fashioned steak house, but that rare new breed of "contemporary" steak house. You know, like BLT Steak, Bourbon Steak, The Forge once it reopens, Gotham Steak, Kobe Steak, Meat Market, Ocean Prime, Prime 112, PrimeBlue Grille (R.I.P.), Red the Steakhouse, The Grill On The Alley, Tuscan Steak...

*Note to the Gansevoort: The citizens of this community, as well as the tourists who flock here, neither need nor want another steak house -- contemporary, futuristic, or otherwise. But since STK wants IN regardless, let's all hereby refer to it as STINK.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.