STK executive chef Eli JacksonEXPAND
STK executive chef Eli Jackson
Photo by Cindy Ferreiro

STK Miami Offers Lighter Fare for Summer Dining

With spring here and summer approaching, Miami restaurants are releasing seasonally appropriate menus. Even steakhouses, best known for seared steaks and creamy sides, take a lighter approach when the temperature soars.

STK, known for its party vibes and "Not your daddy's steakhouse" slogan, has grown its business by catering to a younger, hipper audience that the usual staid steakhouses. The strategy is working, with the chain planning several new locations including a Brickell restaurant at the ME hotel and one in Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) in Orlando, which hosts a grand opening celebration May 24. Other STK's are planned for Boston, Toronto, Denver, Austin, and Ibiza.

STK Miami Beach's executive chef Eli Jackson, has taken the restaurant's nonconformist approach to steakhouse dining a step further with his new seasonal menu.

The Tampa native wanted to add lighter options to the steakhouse menu. Although the first day of summer is officially June 20, Jackson says it's never too soon to take advantage of fresh ingredients — especially in Miami. The chef invited New Times to sample some of his new fare, which ranges from drinks to seafood to dessert.

STK's signature spring drink
STK's signature spring drink
Photo by Cindy Ferreiro

STK's menu is anchored by a signature cocktail. The Spiced Passion ($14) features Botanist gin, Ancho Reyes, passionfruit purèe, and bitters. It's fresh and exciting in a way that sets the tone for the rest of the menu. 

Grouper with fava beans and English peasEXPAND
Grouper with fava beans and English peas
Photo by Cindy Ferreiro

Chef Jackson opts for black grouper ($37) over yellowfin and red grouper for his entree dish for its firm texture and high oil content. The fish is paired with fava beans, English peas, and white asparagus.

Endive saladEXPAND
Endive salad
Photo by Cindy Ferreiro

The endive salad ($16) features fresh vegetables accompanied by gorgonzola, candied pecans and prosciutto, giving it color and protein. The raw vegetable salad ($15) offers a less sweet option with asparagus, beets, heirloom carrots and prosecco vinaigrette. 

Warm baked cookie with chocolate sauceEXPAND
Warm baked cookie with chocolate sauce
Photo by Cindy Ferreiro

Of course the only proper way to end any meal is with dessert. Options include a warm baked cookie with chocolate sauce ($10) and an apple crumb cake ($10). The cookie is rich, chocolatey and reminiscent of a favorite childhood dessert made fancy by the addition of caramel and chocolate sauces. The apple crumb cake follows the same path, a basic dessert elevated with the use of spiced apples and dulce de leche ice cream.

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