Station 5 Table and Bar: Try the Braised Short Ribs With Cheetos

Serendipity led Julia Ning to Station 5 Table and Bar. Everything just began to fall into place, her sous chef Michael Gierden moved down from Chicago, then she met Eddie and Sharon Torres, the owners. From there, the front of the house and kitchen all just came together effortlessly.

Ning reminisces about the five older women who helped mentor her and shape her as a chef. These women made a strong impression on Ning's life, and many of her creations are attributable to them. Station 5 is named after these women, who taught her Italian, Chinese, Cuban, northern Thai, and French-Canadian dishes. The restaurant is a melting pot of all these different cultures.

Any past struggles or accomplishments that she faced either at Khong or Area 31 have brought her to where she is in mind, culinary talent and vision. Ning wanted Station 5 to be a little spot to cook beautiful food and to make some lasting memories.

Some of the delicacies not to miss when visiting are the duck and foie rillette with aged sherry and pickled carrots($12), Mama T's lobster empanadas ($15), Ma's shellfish stew ($25), braised short ribs with Cheetos ($14), and Mama H's pollo loco dates and side o'jerk jam ($12).

Eric the mixologist has some interesting cocktails and the Redneck MaeTeaNi should not be missed.

Ning uses local ingredients from Paradise Farms, Zak the Baker, and Palmetto Creek Farms just to name a few. She is also sourcing all local seafood.

On the night of the grand opening Julia stated "I need to stay calm because everyone's tempo is coming from me." Eating at Ning's should not be overlooked as it is not only charming but undeniably different and the flavors pack a distinguished punch.

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