Starbucks Trenta Inspires Taiwanese Animation

Starbucks' unveiling of Trenta, the 31-ounce iced coffee, iced tea, and iced tea lemonade option that debuted in 14 states yesterday, has generated plenty of buzz. It was a trending topic on Twitter, the envy of 36 states, and the inspiration for Taiwan's Next Media Animation's (NMA) "Starbucks Super-sizes its Swill" video.

Julie Huang, an employee at NMA, sent us the video after stumbling upon yesterday's Short Order post. Her company produces digitally animated videos satirically reflecting current events, many of which have gone viral.

"Next Media Animation definitely sees its videos as the future satirical news commentary," she says. "We hope that our animations will become the new pop culture standard for satirical news, like SNL skits."

Huang also told us that Starbucks doesn't offer Trentas in Taiwan, but if they did, she'd be first in line.

"Unfortunately, the Trenta size is not being offered in Taiwan in the near future, but if they were, I would definitely buy one," she said. "The super-sized iced beverage is perfect for combating Taiwan's extremely humid and hot summers."

Hey, hot and humid summers? That's just like Miami.

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