Della Test Kitchen is among the first to try Square Payroll.EXPAND
Della Test Kitchen is among the first to try Square Payroll.
Photo by Jacqueline Reyna

Square Payroll Launches in Florida Today, Della Test Kitchen Among First to Use

When Della Heiman opened her health-conscious culinary pop-up, Della Test Kitchen, at the Wynwood Yard, efficiency was her main priority. When a local representative for Square, a new, easy-to-use payroll system, approached Heiman, she was intrigued. "I had been looking for a payroll solution that would be really easy," she says. "When starting a business, the last thing you want is something complicated."

Square, the payment company launched by Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey, is rolling out Square Payroll throughout Florida today. The app imports employees’ timecards, calculates overtime, and handles taxes so a restaurant can pay its team faster. It also helps businesses avoid costly fines and penalties as a result of complex filing requirements. 

Though Square launches today, Della Test Kitchen has used it for about a month. "We're still learning how to use all the functionality of the app," she says. "But so far it's been incredibly easy. It's very user friendly."

Square Payroll was built with hourly employees in mind, but works just as well for salaried staff. And everyone can use it, even if they are  not processing payments with Square.

For Square Payroll, business owners are charged a flat rate of $20 per month, plus $5 for every employee paid.

"It's just been so easy," she says. "But the bigger thing is the Square team. They always answer questions within a timely manner, they're very professional, very friendly, and helpful. Having those relationships where you can pick up the phone or send an email, and get an answer right away is super important."

According to the Small Business Association, nearly 99 percent of employers are small businesses in Florida. With the expansion of Square Payroll to Florida, the service is available to nearly 30 percent of all small businesses in the country. California and Texas were the first states to receive access to the app. 

"I think when opening a business, the less complicated you can be, the better," she says. "Everything integrated into one platform really helps. It makes life a lot easier. I would definitely recommend it."

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