Spin the Bottle Wines: Vino for Valentine's Day

Let's rewind the clock for a moment.

Remember getting paper valentines from your entire class, playing seven minutes in heaven, and trying to cheat at spin the bottle?

It was the game that you tried hard to rig, hoping the bottle would point at your crush. If you were lucky, you'd lean in for a kiss across the circle -- with your friends gawking in amusement. Yes, we know the ritual sounds weird in retrospect, but we all loved it at some point.

Fast forward many years, and soon you'll endure another awful V-day -- except now the V stands for vicious. You're old enough to legally drink, and now there are wines made for this game of kissing: Spin the Bottle Cellars.

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Spin the Bottle wines are sourced from coastal California vineyards with three main varietals: chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, and a red wine blend. Bottles are in the $12 range.

The label with lenticular printing technology, which has the illusion of depth, is a cool feature. It has the ability to change or move when the image is viewed from different angles -- as in, you can rig the game. Since everyone has their own perspective, you can hand select (or at least argue your case for) your kissing partner.

Short Order was sent three bottles to try and they quickly became our V-Day vino pick, because they are affordable, pair nicely with food, and you can have a fun party game with your fellow singletons that could lead to some tongue tangoing.

Want to plan a proper make-out party? We have some food pairings for the wines.

The chardonnay (2012) with apple notes would go nicely with chicken skewers or a pear and gorgonzola appetizer. The red wine blend (2011) would work nicely with a bleu cheese and beef roll-up or some bacon wrapped dates -- the sexiest of all the appetizers, just imagine your date wrapped in bacon. Any fab cab needs something hearty like party meatballs in red sauce or roasted veggies, and this cabernet sauvignon (2011) is no exception.

Let your guests arrive, mingle, sip, and try the food with the wine. Once they're properly lubricated and the first bottle of wine is polished off, sit in a circle and play spin the bottle. That's it! You'll be doing your part for throwback romance and getting all your single friends together for a memorable and wine-fueled Valentine's Day.

Spin the Bottle wines are sold at Total Wine & More, Winn-Dixie, and the red blend is available at Target.

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