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South Florida Web Awards: Meet Your Food Blogging Nominees

To say the web ties worlds together seamlessly with invisible streams of data would be a gross understatement. So New Times is celebrating Miami's greatest with our first annual South Florida Web Awards.

We've scoured online media from news, to arts and culture, to food and music, and Twitter and Instagram, Miami's finest have another opportunity to show the city their stuff.

You've already voted, and the tallies are in, but as we gear up for our sick celebration at Green Room this Saturday (which, you're invited to, by the way), we'll be rolling out intros to South Florida's nominees throughout the week.

Given all the enthusiastic eaters across South Florida, the topic of best food blog is likely to be a contentious one. We've got folks sharing their two cents on everything from best burgers to bueno, bonito y barato breakfast joints - and they're all tops at making our stomachs rumble. These opinionated eaters do their best to keep us perpetually gluttonous and always on top of what's hot (or cold, whatevs).

Food for Thought

Chock full of lengthy, thoughtful tomes to Miami's eateries, Food for Thought has served to inform and advise South Florida's curious diners since 2009. Also living on Twitter as @frodnesor, this writer's analysis is thorough, well-researched and fully chronicled via camera.

The Genuine Kitchen

The online offshoot of celeb chef Michael Schwartz' various efforts, this sharp, professional blog chronicles the adventures of his culinary establishments, seasonal eats, his brand-spankin'-new Genuine Brew and assorted stories from the frontlines of the farm to table movement.

Burger Beast

In his four years of burger blogging, Miami's own Sef Gonzalez has added substantial cred to our city's meat scene. Initially a bastion of burger reviews, he's expanded his topics du jour to include all kinds of unique food finds. His reach continues to spread: Burger Beast Approved stickers adorn Miami eateries - and the annual Burgie Awards have become kind of a big deal for local honorees.

South Florida Food & Wine

Covering the breadth of Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, this food and drink daily is a go-to for lots of locals. Dubbing themselves "enthusiasts, not critics," the folks behind the blog share eating experiences, interviews and tips on where to eat and when. From all-you-can-eat stone crab spots to weekend getaway suggestions, there's all kinds of info to keep South Floridians happily satiated.

South Florida Beer Blog

A tribute to the best of brews, Dave Crisafi's commentary covers craft beer, where to buy booze and other hoppy topics. The thirsty masses increasingly turn to Dave for advice on the best and brightest brewskies sitting on shelves and streaming from taps across South Florida.

Miami's Restaurant Power Rankings

What's the hotspot of the moment in South Florida? Ask Ryan. His monthly power rankings serve as a go-to for hungry locals looking for a little guidance. Based primarily on food quality (since he's first to admit, Miami service is shit), the pseudo-anonymous Ryan Roman's rankings are a pretty accurate account of who's on the ups (or downs) across our restaurant landscape.

New Times' South Florida Web Award with Boxwood and Panic Bomber. Saturday, November 10 at Green Room, 109 SW Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Doors at 10 p.m. 21 and over. Free and open to the public.

--Hannah Sentenac and Alex Rodriguez

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