Sony Ericsson Open: $1,200 for First-Class Chow

At most sporting events you can satisfy your hunger with a few hot dogs, some peanuts and a beer.

But tennis is not like most sporting events. First of all, the spectators dress and resemble the players so much that sometimes it's hard to tell them apart. Yes, football fans wear jerseys, but they generally don't wear the shoulder pads and cleats. Tennis fans, however, sport everything from socks with pom poms to stylish Lacoste tennis whites.

Tennis is also less about watching tennis than about just "being there." Sometimes fans don't even make it to a match. Why would people go all the way to a tournament and not watch any of the sport? Because the food and drink is too good.

Almost two dozen pop-up restaurants and lounges appear for the Sony Ericsson Open, which runs through April 3. Some of the higher end chow and libations from the Latin Cafe and Bacardi Bar. Then there's the Bombay Lounge, the Corona Beach House (where you can watch the tennis action on plasma screens at the bar instead of in the stands) and the Veuve Clicquot Wine & Sushi Bar. (Try getting sushi and champagne at a Marlins game.)

Still want higher end fare? Check out The Collectors Club. For $1,200 (there are more expensive corporate memberships, as well) you'll receive two membership cards to this exclusive members-only club. Inside, you'll be treated to food by Michelle Bernstein, Norman Van Aken, Hedy Goldsmith, Sam Gorenstein and Kris Wessel. A different top chef will cook each day for the rich and famous of Miami.

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