SoBeWFF's Grand Tasting Village: Here's What To Look For

By virtue of its name the Grand Tasting Village of the South Beach Wine & Food Festival is supposed to be all about wine.

But we are here to tell you that there is so much more to the GTV than swishing and swilling the nectar of the gods.

If you've been procrastinating going to the GTV because you're not a wine snob (note: to make sure you are, in fact, not a wine snob take this simple test), call back your friend who offered you that extra ticket -- pronto!

Because there's a lot more to the Grand Tasting Village than tasting wine.

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Eat ice cream
MasterCard has teamed up with local ice cream parlor The Frieze to give away some tasty frozen treats like bourbon ice cream and champagne sorbet. Sure there are non-alcoholic flavors...but why on earth would you want to do that?

Make a custom chocolate bar
iPads will help you customize a chocolate bar of your own. Choose from light or dark chocolate and add fruit, nuts, or exotic offerings like chili peppers. The bar will be sent to your home in a few weeks -- free.

Be a big baby
Unleash your inner child and take a picture at the Evian booth. A picture of you in a diaper isn't exactly a chick magnet -- but it sure explains why you still live with your parents after all these years.

Meet a celebrity
The GTV is crawling with the authors, television hosts, and all-around famous people. From Robert Irvine to Anthony Bourdain to Geoffrey Zakarian -- we all secretly want to post a picture with someone famous on Facebook. This weekend's your big chance.

Grab a coffee
After nonstop drinking from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. you'll need some sort of pick-me-up. We suggest a few shots of espresso from these guys.

Have a well-crafted cocktail
Not into wine? How about a classic gin drink or something light and fruity? Some of the best mixologists are working the GTV for your drinking pleasure.

Save the elephants
No, really. Amarula is a cream liquor made in South Africa and for every bottle you buy, a donation will be made to save elephants from poaching. Plus, ask nicely and the nice people pouring will give you a really cool brass elephant key chain.

Chill at the Cruzan rum bar
Somewhere between the two tasting tents lies a little nameless Caribbean island where the rum flows freely, steel drums play, and it's always five o'clock.

Take advantage of social media for perks
Many companies are hosting social media campaigns where you can receive gifts and additional perks by Tweeting or liking a company on Facebook. Take advantage, young grasshopper, and you can get a heap of freebies.

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