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SOBEWFF: YogArt's Buddha and Bellinis Starts With Anthony Bourdain Sighting, Ends with Love Party

The South Beach Wine & Food Festival wasn't all about the eats. Yesterday, we let out all our toxins at YogArt, which made a return at this year's festival after its success last year. Taking place at The Raleigh, the Buddha's and Bellinis event fuses music, food and art into one. The location was sweet too, considering we spotted Anthony Bourdain sunbathing and floating around with his daughter Ariane in his favorite hotel and pool in the Magic City (remember season one of No Reservations?).

As for the yoga, Tony wasn't involved, but 200 people on both Saturday and Sunday made for a sold out event, good vibes, and reaping what was sowed the previous days of gluttony.

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Yoga is all about Karma -- the idea is you get back somehow, someway in life what you give. You'll want good energy that can come your way from an instructor like Dawn B. Feinberg, who led YogArt. Dawn teaches at Green Monkey. She and Arlene Chaplin thought up YogArt three years when Arlene gave her good friend Lee Schrager private yoga classes with Dawn for his birthday.

"Our birthdays are two weeks apart, and loving yoga and Dawn so much myself, I knew he would too," Chaplin says. "So I bought him 10 private lessons and insisted until he went through with it." Arlene's husband, Wayne Chaplin, is the head of Southern Wine and Spirits and works alongside Schrager.

The first YogArt took place during Art Basel three years ago at The Loews before moving to Wynwood Walls. It was an immediate success. "We had art sculptures throughout the practice and then we had the Wynwood Walls," says Chaplin. "There's no better way to take a breather and chill out than to be around all that visual beauty and great energy."

This year's version had exactly the same mellow vibe. Even those who didn't take the yoga class came to lounge, listen to good music and just breathe.

Last year YogArt made its debut during SOBEWFF for one day only. MC Yogi, who partook in last year's class, hailing all the way from the Bay Area of San Fran and is an avid yoga practitioner and teacher himself, got up and started to do his thing. "We knew we had to have him be a part of YogArt, so we invited him in to join us," says Chaplin. The Krishna-crazed, soulful rapping hippie fuses reggae, hip-hop, dancehall and dub in his verses.

Sure, it may have been close to 100 degrees out and all the shaded spots went quick, but Coconut Cartel was on site and had plenty of coconuts to go around. That's a nice step above coconut water. Each yogi also got complimentary water, a protein bar from Kind, towel, and yoga mat to take home. That along made the $30 ticket price seem well-worth it.

Oh, and after the class, bellinis were in order, although no one seemed to be to keen on the drinking. They were more into MC Yogi's after class performance, which turned into a yogi party. Don't believe us? Check it out for yourself.

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