South Beach Wine & Food Festival

SoBeWFF: Miami Chefs Talk About Their Favorite Events

Chefs are busy people. When the Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival comes to town, many of them are even busier than usual. Poor, poor chefs: They're either working so hard at the festival or working so hard because of all the extra foodies in town for the festival that they don't get to enjoy any of the fun.

Still, they can dream of what they would do if they could attend the festivities as a guest. We asked eight local chefs which event they would choose if the opportunity presented itself.

Michelle Bernstein, Michy's, Sra. Martinez, Crumb on Parchment
"The Burger Bash. I can't go, as I have to cook in the restaurant, but I love burgers and wish I could try some of the best that night!"

Richard Hales, Sakaya Kitchen, Sakaya Kitchen Downtown, Dim Ssäm à Gogo

"Best of the Best. Always has great chefs in the lineup and I have never been."

Jeff McInnis, Yardbird

"You mean besides the really cool event we have planned at Yardbird with

Sean Brock? Well, if I had to pick another event, I'd say The Q because

I've been hearing a lot about it and I love me some barbecue."

Dewey LoSasso, the Forge

"Burger Bash. There's a live band, and where else can you have Daniel Boulud and Danny Meyer under one tent?"

Giorgio Rapicavoli, Eating House

"I would choose the Grand Tasting because I'd get the opportunity to

sample a wide variety of local restaurants. As a chef, I work long hours

and don't get to try as much as I'd like to, so this would be great for


E. Michael Reidt, Area 31

"Talking With My Mouth Full, with Gail Simmons and Josh Wesson. Gail has

such an incredibly 'real' approach to food and the kitchen, and Josh

Wesson is hysterical and a wine genius I could listen to for hours."

Oscar del Rivero, Jaguar Hospitality Group (Jaguar Ceviche, Talavera, and Peacock Garden Café)

"I would love to attend Sunday Brunch with Paula Deen. I really enjoy

her personality, and everything I've seen her prepare looks delicious.

She has great taste and a friendly and inviting personality. With these

characteristics, the food can only shine."

Douglas Rodriguez, De Rodriguez Cuba on Ocean

"I'd choose Burger Bash. It's outdoors, on the beach, and you get to try

the best varieties of wonderful burgers from the best of the best. Who

doesn't like a burger?"

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