SoBeWFF: Five Things We Learned About Mac & Cheese from Laura Werlin

Wine and cheese are a match made in heaven. But wine and mac and cheese? A match made in the heaven where all the gluttonous sinners go. 'Cuz let's be real, that's where we want to end up.

Yesterday's Mac & Cheese seminar with cookbook author Laura Werlin was a glimpse at what life would be like in just such a place. Cheesy, slightly buzzed and eternally indulgent. Sign us up.

Werlin, a James Beard-award winning author, has written a whopping five books on cheese. Her latest, Mac & Cheese, Please!: 50 Super Cheesy Recipes, includes recipes like the Indian-spiced roasted cauliflower and spinach mac and cheese, the French cheese and savoy cabbage mac and cheese, the spicy "home fries" mac and cheese and the buffalo chicken and crispy skin mac and cheese.

We got to taste all of the above. Needless to say, it was a delicious afternoon.

So in keeping with the cheesy nature of the seminar, here are a few things we learned from Werlin:

1. Always taste wine before cheese.

Cheese influences the taste of wine more than vice versa.

2. Velveeta isn't all bad.

In fact, Werlin has a recipe in her new book that includes the processed cheese food. It's tough to deny its deliciousness.

3. White wine pairs better with cheese than red.

But, there are more red wines from the old world that pair well with cheese than the new world.

4. It's all about the texture.

Light cheeses go with light wines, heavy with heavy.

5. Sparkling wine pairs well with almost everything.

The carbonation serves as "scrubbing bubbles" for the tongue.

So take this newfound knowledge and eat away. The cheese is waiting.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.