SoBeWFF: Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson Drink PBR; Talk Tattoos, Runny Eggs and Christopher Walken

Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson might be the hottest culinary duo since bacon met the frying pan. And yesterday, the Taste stars took the stage together at the SoBeWFF.

Lounging on a couch, the two talked significant others, guilty pleasures and Christoper Walken. Oh, and drank beer. Seriously, PBR has never seemed so sexy.

A huge crowd covered around the pavilion, jostling to get a glimpse at the bad boy chef and sexy Brit. Audience members asked about the duo's favorite foods, their "obvious chemistry" and potential new tattoos.

As far as speculating on new ink, Bourdain's answer was the most entertaining. "Ozzy Osbourne and Jesus shoving coal down the crack of my ass."

And what celebrities would they want to play them in a movie? For Bourdain, Christopher Walken, because he's "creepy and cool." For Lawson, Sophia Loren, natch.

When asked about Miami, Bourdain shared his love for steak at The Dutch and a runny, fried egg atop rice and beans. Lawson talked of guilty pleasures ... or lack thereof. "If you feel guilty you don't deserve to be eating it," she quipped. For her, salt and vinegar potato chips and white chocolate are faves. For Bourdain, KFC mac and cheese.

The banter between the two did seem somewhat scripted -- undoubtedly, a side effect of their turn on network TV together.

Bourdain was barefoot, and Lawson lounged alluringly on the couch. And despite Lawson's assertion that Bourdain is the "Keith Richards of food," these days, he seems more like a Richards circa 2013 than 1970. Guess we've all gotta grow up sometime.

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