Sneak Review: Food Truck Courts

Just a quick snack grabbed from next weeks Cafe review of food truck courts:

Ms. Cheezious and CheeseMe Mobile Grilled Cheese & Sliders have grilled cheese sandwiches pretty much covered. The former offers composed sandwiches, but most truckees go with the build-your-own approach -- a choice of five or more breads with pick of eight cheeses ($4 or $5 per sandwich, depending on cheese). Add-ins such as tomato, shaved ham, or bacon are a dollar or two extra. American cheese and bacon between Texas toast was executed in textbook style: The bread lightly buttered, gingerly pressed, and griddled to a golden brown; the cheese oozing out in extreme slow motion.

The owners of CheeseMe, on the other hand, apparently forgot that they are selling sandwiches from a truck. How else to explain a charge of $9 for a tuna melt with provolone cheese, or $11.50 for a pulled pork, slaw, and cheddar sandwich? CheeseMe's basic choice of a cheese/bread sandwich starts at $6 and rises $2 for a tomato slice, $3 for meatier additions. I don't order a sandwich here because I don't want them to FleeceMe.

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