Sneak Review: Casale Pizzeria

A teeny sneak preview of the New Times restaurant review for next week.

Although this is a "pizzeria/mozzarella bar," there's plenty more going on gastronomically. In fact, it is the plethora of fresh vegetable offerings that set Casale apart from so many other places. The menu mentions some 45 meatless items, with at least 16 different vegetables available individually -- baked, braised, roasted, sautéed, and in the case of baby artichokes, "in the style of Italian Jews" (and no, that doesn't mean they're sold wholesale). Not all of the food at Casale is vegetarian, but all vegetarians should consider eating here.

Casale Pizzeria/Mozzarella Bar 1800 Bay Rd., Miami Beach; 305-763-8088.


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