Snappy Slogans: "Because Rich Tourists Have to Eat Too!"

Every now and then I take time from my busy schedule in order to lend a hand to others. I'm just big-hearted that way. Most of my charitable assistance is given to restaurants. The owners don't ask for my advice -- restaurateurs are a proud bunch -- but I know who needs my support. How can a writer of modest means possibly be of any help? With words. More specifically, with snappy slogans that are sure to increase interest. I don't do this for publicity, or for thanks, or as a means of securing your tax-deductible donations for my hard work via checks made out to Lee Klein. I do it because I care.

Norman's 180: Don't Despair: We Expect to Have Our Chef Norman Hologram Completed by 2012!

Eden South Beach: This Weeks' Cutting-Edge Menu Special From Renowned Chef Christopher Lee: Caesar Salad!

Wynwood Kitchen & Bar: Only 273 Days Until Art Basel!

De Rodriguez Cuba On Ocean: And If Things Don't Work Out, Look for De Rodriguez Cuban OLA on Ocean!

Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill: We Use Only the -- Wait a Second, Gotta Answer This Tweet!

China Grill: Home of yhe $36 Crab Cakes!

CheeseMe Food Truck: Just Like Ms.Cheezious, But More Expensive!

Rusty Pelican: And, Boy, Are We Rusty!

Emeril's Miami Beach: Because Rich Tourists Have to Eat Too!

Rosa Mexicano: Come Help Us Squeeze Lime!

OLA and the Dining Room (which are sharing chef Horatio Rivadero): Half a Chef Is Better Than None!

Gigi: We Just Saved a Bundle on McInnis's Salary!

Eos: Help!!!

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