I discovered the Japanese Bag Fish Crunch -- that's my name for a product that's in a language I can't read -- at Tim's Oriental Grocery in Homestead.

I like fish, I like crunchy foods, and I couldn't resist the idea of small, fried fish in a bag full of bags of small fried fish.

They taste exactly how you might expect them to, but the greatest moment is when you first open the individual snack bags: The smell that rushes out is both intense and strangely delicious.

I ate about three bags in a row, so I'm qualifying this product as the Japanese Dorito. If you're ever in Homestead and get a craving for authentic Asian fare from all over "the Orient," then hit up Tim's Oriental Grocery. They're the real deal.

Now check out the Japanese Bag Fish Macros

Snack King -- Japanese Bag Fish Crunch

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