Small Plates, Miami Spice, and Let's Switch Fin With Dragon

*Miami Spice is gearing up for another run. As always, there will be restaurants where the Spice price represents real value, and restaurants where you'd be better off dining à la carte. It will run from August 1 through the end of September, and tickets have just gone on sale for the July 31 kickoff event, which will feature tastings from participating restaurants ($35 in advance, $75 in advance for VIP treatment).

*Ever since small plates came into vogue, it seems as though my hands have gotten bigger.

*The teaming of Chodorow and Eismann, and their apparent willingness to

shake things up and move properties around, presents all sorts of

intriguing possibilities. We already know that, come this fall, a

second Q American Barbeque

will open where El Scorpion Mexican Kitchen used to be, and that

El Scorpion will move into Pacific Time's old spot. Now how about

switching Fin, which opened last night in the Design Disrict, with

Dragon in SoBe (SB lacks fresh seafood restaurants more than sushi).

Then bring back Pacific Time (we mean once it's gone) into the China Grill locale, and move China Grill to... CocoWalk?


a new SoBe Scoops ice-cream shop in the Loews Miami Beach Hotel. Short

Order will check it out later this week and let you know

what we think.

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