Slawsa Might Do for Marlins Ballpark Pooch


It straddles the line between slaw and salsa. It has more heat than a Giancarlo Stanton home run or maybe even a LeBron James Game 6.

But should it top the Marlins signature dog? A Slawsa employee who read about suggestions for the perfect Marlins hot dog came at us with this ingenius product. 

Chorizo and Slawsa on a hot-dog-shaped pan cubano, anyone?

We're in. 

This was the email we received from Julie Busha, director of sales and marketing for Slawsa:

10:40 p.m.
Subject: Signature Hot Dog for Miami

Mr. Rodriguez, I want to show you why our gourmet topping, Slawsa, should make the Slawsa Dog a signature topping of the Miami [Marlins] stadium. First, Slawsa is a cross between "Slaw" and "salsa"... has heat undertones that make it addictive. Second, ALL Publix stores will carry Slawsa in their relish section in about 2 weeks. We have Slawsa currently available in the original (which has a bit of a kick) and spicy... which would be nice to offer to each person's taste. Finally, not only do we have retail sizes available, but also food service sizes that would be ideal with stadiums. Vanderbilt University already serves Slawsa as a condiment side to rave reviews. How can I get a jar in your hands so you can taste for yourself just how perfect it is with the Miami Flavor!

How incredibly perfect was that imperfect email? Doesn't it make you want to try Slawsa to see what all the fuss is about? In two weeks' time, we will be banging down the doors of Publix to get our hands on a jar of Slawsa. We'll report back whether it's worthy of this "Miami Flavor" we keep close to home, but in the meantime, we want to know your thoughts on the matter. 

Slawsa just hit the retail market in late 2011, but its creator, Judson Odom, has been whipping up batches of it by the truckload for decades. And get this: Slawsa comes from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Is slaw to the South as salsa is to Latin America? Miami is full of Hispanics, and technically speaking, we are in the South. Can you hear yourself saying, "I want a Miami Slawsa dog?" Who knows? 
But if Vanderbilt could give it a shot, so can we.

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