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Sit On It and Spin: Brunch at Pier Top

Brunch at Pier 66. The Pier Top lounge on the rotating top floor of the Pier 66 Hyatt Regency hotel closed down some time ago, and it was too damned bad. With its ever-changing view of the marina, the port, downtown, and the beach, there was no better place in Fort Lauderdale to sip a martini and watch the world go by. It’s reopened now, though not as a lounge. In March, Pier Top began serving what is arguably the classiest brunch in Broward County. Ceviches, steak with artichoke hearts, a variety of tartars (Kobe beef! Salmon!), as well as ordinary breakfast items are served buffet-style Sunday only at 11, 12 and 1. And for dessert, an endless chocolate fountain. We haven’t checked it out yet, but we suggest you do. The cost is $42, or $65 if you’d like some booze with that. Reservations are recommended: call 954-525-6666.

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-- Brandon Thorp

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