Single Serving Shots: A New Way to Wasted

Single Serving Shots: A New Way to Wasted

Juan Echeverri did not start out selling frozen alcohol to overzealous college students. This Medellin-born entrepreneur first started a non-profit venture producing frozen treats that single mothers could sell in the summer for some extra money. But then he noted the popularity of his frozen pops on the beaches of Colombia, so he added alcohol to create Frost Shot. The liquor-based shot is available in five different flavors that all impart a neon color to your tongue and at 20 proof, a little buzz too. This frozen Slurpee-like product is available in Wildberry flavor and Cherry Bomb. It was launched here in South Florida earlier this year and has started popping up on beaches and in some clubs.

Tony Haber, brand manager, believes the bad economy and need to control inventory is good for the pre-packaged, single serving shot.

Single Serving Shots: A New Way to Wasted
Tony Haber, Fermin Perez Jr and Juan Echeverri

As skeptics, we questioned Fermin Perez, COO/VP of sales for FrostShot on the alcohol content "It's all in the mixing process. The product crystallizes and we have a hard slush with a nice kick." Each shot is 1.62 oz (50ml) and meant to be consumed as a single serving. Tear it open, pop it in your mouth and after the initial brain freeze, you can definitely taste the alcohol.

Single serving shots may be the new trend. Puerto Rico-based Gasolina Urban Blends is entering the market later this year with their frozen shots and South Carolina Suck & Blow just added a whole new twist to the jello-shot -- it requires two people. The convenience and portability are great for our next trip to the beach, but personally we prefer our shots in a glass you can slam down on the bar after you've been foolishly convinced to down a kamikaze.

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