Shots Miami: Wynwood "Interactive Shots Bar" Holds Coming Soon Party: Updated

Have you heard the one about the interactive shots bar?  You know...where you not only take a shot ... you are the shot?  Neither did we -- until now.  Allow us to explain.

Shots Miami co-owners Oscar Zapata and David Estrada (no relation to Erik -- we asked) felt that it wasn't enough to just do shots on a Friday with friends -- you had to get in there and live the shot, so they conceived Shots Miami, an interactive shots bar opening soon in Wynwood.

Here's how it works:

Choose your shot from their shot book. There are about 165 to choose from with names like

Rellenito, Crazy Cooch, Mani Culi Teteo, The Brain, Flash, O Shot,

Erotic Fantasy, Arrepentido, Despierta Muertos, Que Dolor, Soplon, Hand

Job, Suero Cock, Bon Bonsito, Coochie Coochie, Flansito, Captain

America, and Jessica Rabbit. Each shot comes with a story ... and an


For instance, the Superman, a blue and red layered

shot, requires you to wear a cape as you down the elixer. The Brain

comes with geek glasses (and hopefully a trillion-dollar social media

company). Sort of like karaoke of the mouth. 


overwhelmed by all these choices? The shots are categorized by strength

- soft, medium, and hard (so you know what you're getting into) and the

bartenders are there to guide you through the experience. The shots

cost around $6 each (with some premium shots going for more), but the

vision of your boss drinking out of a blow-up doll or wearing a feather

boa are priceless -- are they not?

Shots Miami will also serve

craft beers, plain 'ole domestic beers, cocktails and formula wines,

which are wines blended with fragrant herbs and other spirits. Sort of a

wine cocktail.

Shots Miami won't open for another six weeks, but

if you're looking for a preview, the gang is throwing a party in their

parking lot at 311 N.W. 23rd Street every Saturday starting tomorrow,

June 23.

From 7 p.m. - 3 a.m., preview 20 of Shots Miami's offerings, including the Let's Go Heat! in celebration of our home

team's victory.  Ms. Cheezious and Latin Burger will be there to provide

you with food (needed to sop up the shots).

Personally, we can't wait to put on that Superman cape!

Update:  The Shots Miami party has been postponed until next week because of rain. 

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