Short Order's Snackdown: Which Miami Neighborhood Has the Best Dining?

We're going to take a shot in the dark and say Miami has one of the top dining scenes in the country. Don't agree? Okay, perhaps we're only on our way. In any case, you clearly have a neighborhood where you prefer to eat.

Maybe it's the Gables, you rich bastard. Or Wynwood, you hipster. Is it Little Havana? Ya tu sabe. But we want to know which of you is willing to put your vote where your palate is. That's why, at 11 a.m. today, we're initiating the first ever Miami New Times Snackdown.

We've split up Miami into eight neighborhoods and in the next few weeks we'll throw two 'hoods in the pit at a time. We'll present arguments why each area is the best area for dining and once you make up your mind, we ask that you comment your fury or praise, and vote!

Here's the breakdown:

The first battle is South Beach and Coconut Grove. After you've read our arguments, you can vote, Tweet, Facebook, Google+ it... pimp that 'hood out however you choose -- whatever it takes to get it to the leader board.

Polls will remain open a week after they start, so from here on out, get yourself ready. The clock's-a-tickin'.

May the best barrio (vecindario?) win. Let the Snackdown begin -- DING DING DING!

For north of the county line, visit our sister blog, Clean Plate Charlie, and vote for your favorites during its Food Town Throwdown.

First Round
South Beach vs. Coconut Grove (Voting closed!)
Downtown vs. Mid-Beach (Voting is now open!)
Coral Gables vs. Little Havana (Voting is Now Open!)
Aventura vs. Midtown

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