Short Order's Comments of the Week 8/2- 8/6

​​Short Order readers love commenting on posts as much as they love food. And the opinions/suggestions/rants are much appreciated. In no specific order, here is a list of this week's  best mouth offs.

1. "Miami Spice Ripoffs" will not stand for the city's most popular food event. Mr. Ripoffs voiced his feelings by commenting on Short Order's critique of The Herald's Spice coverage

Miami Spice, where we allow our loyal local customers to pay slightly reduced prices for greatly reduced portions of items not even on our regular menus and treat you like a leper when you ask for it, is terrific!

2. "bookkepper" is concerned with all the inked-up individuals run our city's kitchens. So the reader posed a question in his comment on the Kitchen Ink feature

Hepatitis C with your meal? 

3. "Michelle Bernstein" reads Short Order! And she spoke her mind in response to Short Order's "no deal" description of her Miami Spice offerings

Dearest Lee
As for your "no deal" comment, think as you wish but its a shame to lead readers away when our menu changes weekly and is set to have everything from hanger steaks to wild striped bass to seared diver scallops. Starters will be ceviches some days and hand made mozzarella others.
Oh and the chicken thighs with figs is a mistake, its stewed in tomato sauce with parmesan gnocchi at its side.
Thanks for the great press! wish you would have asked.

4. "antony graf" was moved by last week's Overrated eats post

Best food in Miami...Hands Down! If you don't like Flavor go down the street to Fritz and Franz. If you want good inexpensive food, go to One burger. If You want a mouthgasem... Go to Ortinique ; food that smacks you in the face and and ambiance that cradles your step children !
Ortinique = awesome
Person who wrote this = A Douche that uses the word passe!

5. Via a comments on Short Order's Norman's 180 post, "Chef FeRn" picked on frequent Short Order commenter "jhonny seafood." 

Mr. Seafood said, 

How long till this one shuts down...

Then Mr. FeRn said, 

Jhonny Seafood. How long will you make your mark on humanity? Exactly, please keep your negative comments to yourself. I want to see you try something spectacular...coward!

Keep 'em coming readers. 

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Danielle Alvarez