Short Order Shores Up

You might have noticed the recent absence of our Broward-Palm Beach food writers. Or not. Point is, the staff of our sister paper has spun off into a captivating food blog of their own called Clean Cup Chuckie  -- or something clever like that. Check it out for the latest in gastronomic happenings and such from up yonder.

As for Short Order: A sharper focus on Miami-Dade, with new features including recipes, rants, hilarious columns such as this one, and the divine Ms. Lauren Reskin's Meatless In Miami (she's also got her own vegetarian blog).  

PLUS WE WILL BE GIVING AWAY FREE $100 DOLLAR BILLS TO OUR MOST LOYAL READERS! (and we think you'll find that just because Michael Schwartz' mug graces the bills instead of Benjamin Franklin's doesn't make them any less fun to collect). Finally, as part of our renewed push, we will likely make Jacob Katel work more. It should be noted that Jake gets paid in Schwartz notes and hasn't complained a whit.

As told to Lee Klein by Clean Cup Chuckie, who heard it from SpongeBob SquarePants.

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