Short Order Introduces Instagram Account and Food Photo of the Week Contest

We love good photos of food. We also love sharing good photos of food. So, in order to join in on all the fun, Short Order has decided to launch its very own Instagram account (@ShortOrder).

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We will be sharing great shots of what we are eating and drinking across Miami. We will also be featuring news, like pictures of new or upcoming restaurants, bars and menus.

Think of it as another source for Short Order updates, except this one might make you a little more hungry.

In order to celebrate, we are also introducing the Food Photo of the Week contest. Every Friday, we will post our favorite Miami food photo, right here on the Short Order blog.

Here are the rules:

1. Using Instagram, upload a photo of food. Get creative. Drinks, coffee and booze are all included and likewise encouraged.

2. In the description of your Instagram photo, use the hashtag, #shortordermiami.

3. Every Friday, we will publish our favorite shot on Short Order's blog.

Let the games begin!

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