Shirt, Shoes and Service at 33480 Bar & Grill

They say the restaurant business is a good way to lose your shirt, but over the past dozen or so years, Richard Day has managed to have his shirt and wear it too, along with a series of local restaurants, culminating in his latest venture, 33480 Bar & Grill.

Though wearing the zip code of Palm Beach, Day's eatery is actually just off the island on Lakeview at Flagler in West Palm, on the ground floor of the giant Esperante building. The island's zip also happens to be the name of Day's line of casual apparel, itself on sale at 33480 (the restaurant), along with an all-over-the-culinary-map roster of dishes that ranges from lobster sliders with caviar and arugula to chipotle chicken with black bean-corn salsa to pizza and 12-ounce sirloin burgers.

There are seats for 200, indoors and out, plus the building's five-story atrium, where chef-owner Day will throw a party for up to 400 of your close personal friends. And if you have 400 close personal friends, you can always pick up a shirt to replace the one with pizza sauce all over it.

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