Share Our Sugar Holds Great American Bake Sale

Another day, another benefit -- don't the people who run these things have day jobs? Right, I forgot, pestering people for money is their job. Be that as it may, Share Our Strength pesters as well as anyone, and its annual Great American Bake Sale takes place this Sunday, May 2 from 12 to 4 p.m. in Center Court at Aventura Mall. More than 25 local food businesses will "bake a difference", including Ocean Prime, Bourbon Steak, Chef Allen's, Grand Lux Cafe, Alisa's Painted Bistro, and Nordstrom Café Bistro.

Kids will be able to decorate cupcakes, and there will be raffles for $1 each, proceeds to be "distributed to local organizations that feed children and assure them access to good nutrition." Domino Sugar is one of the main sponsors of the days events, so "good nutrition" in this case is presumably convincing your children that the more white sugar they eat, the healthier they'll be.

In related news, Share Our Sugar -- er, Strength, will be teaming with Phillip Morris to insure that children have decent access to healthful tobacco.

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