Shake Shack: Sundae Stinks, Manager Cool

On a visit to that New

York-born burger joint on Lincoln Road, Shake Shack, I ordered a

double dip sundae ($4.70) with chocolate

truffle cookie dough, but received an underwhelming serving of

vanilla frozen custard covered with a mound of cookie dough

underneath a mountain of whipped cream.

So I returned and approached assistant general manger Erik Hugley with a photo of the weak cup. He apologized and explained a new person might have been training

on the custard station; each Shake Shack employee is required to try out each of the six stations; beverage, expo, hot dog/fry

cook/grill, cashier, bun assembler, and custard are the choices, for a

minimum of one week or until the supervisor deems him competent.

The he added: "We don't really sell a lot of sundaes. More

milkshakes ($5.15 to $5.65) and [milkshake-like] concretes ($4.75 to $6.50)."

Hugley added that founder Danny Meyer is "big

on hospitality," then prepared another sundae,

which contained the standard serving of 8 ounces of frozen custard, 1

ounce of topping, and the right amount of whipped cream.

Sundae custard choices are vanilla,

chocolate, or the special (which changes monthly). The triple dip is

$5.70. And toppings, in addition to the one included in the price, are

$.75 each and include chocolate truffle cookie dough, marshmallow,

peanut butter sauce, shortbread cookie, hot fudge sauce, whipped

cream, hot caramel sauce, bananas, chocolate toffee, and almonds.

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