Seed Food & Wine Fest: "We Want This to Be a Movement"

A vegan food fest may not be revolutionary in some parts of the world, but in a city that worships all things pork, an entire weekend revolving around leafy greens and plant-based protein is pretty amazing.

Alison Burgos and Michelle Gaber's brainchild is a new breed of plant-based celebration -- an inclusive event designed to appeal to omnivores and herbivores alike. No factory farm footage, no tasteless raw sprouts, no dietary dogma. Just fun, food and a sexy Miami vibe.

The idea behind Seed Food & Wine Festival is to let South Floridians know that a plant-based lifestyle can be delicious, nutritious and beneficial for everyone -- the animals and environment included. We spoke to Burgos and Gaber for the full story on how Seed came to be.

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