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Seaspice's Summer Menu Offers Waterfront Dining on a Budget

Spending an evening at Seaspice gives diners more than just a tasty night out. The Italian and seafood brasserie's location on the bank of the Miami River oozes a French Riviera vibe, fusing food and vino in one of Miami's most lavish environments. And the best part is it's affordable. 

On a recent visit (New Times was invited for a taste), a luxury yacht docked along the restaurant's deck, and a DJ mixed sultry beats just quiet enough not to interfere with midbite conversation. Though it sounds like a scene out of MTV's #RichKid's reality series, it's not. Nearly every dish on Seaspice's new summer menu is priced under $30, making an evening spent in downtown Miami more affordable than one might expect.

Since Seaspice opened in 2013, its menu has evolved, integrating Mediterranean-inspired flavors into its entrées, crudos, and hot stone creations. Executive chef Ángel León, along with executive chef Benjamin Goldman and executive pastry chef Jill Montinola, are at the forefront of Seaspice's inventive takes on traditional plates.

The restaurant's summer menu, which was revamped to incorporate seasonal products native to South Florida, is divided into multiple sections, including appetizers, salads, pizzetta, pasta, hot stones, entrées, and wood-fired casseroles. There are more than 30 dishes, and when mixed and matched, they can create a wallet-friendly night out.
Begin your meal with a selection from Seaspice's crudo menu, which is a specialty of the restaurant. Most of its options are pricier than other dinner plates — dishes averages about $20 each — but it's worth a taste. Choose between the Hokkaido scallop tartare topped with Osetra caviar or the hamachi with pomelo vinaigrette, fried garlic, and shiso. Though small, they burst with stark flavors when eaten, leaving your taste buds eager for a following course.
Cleanse your palate with a roasted beet salad ($16), which blends buratta, crisp farro, fresh orange, and thick beets on a bed of light spinach. 
Seaspice is known for seafood and Italian classics, so consider pasta for your entrée. The pappardelle ($26) is new to the menu and a perfect dish to share between two diners. Braised short rib is mixed into strands of homemade pasta with a white truffle oil drizzled on top. 
Dinner is never complete without dessert, and Seaspice's sweets, which go for about $12 per plate, are worth a look. New to the bunch is a cluster of small fried doughnut holes topped with a syrupy marmalade and a smudge of creme. There's chestnut mousse, orange almond cake, and tres leches on the menu too, along with a large selection of coffees and teas to finish a flavorful evening.

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