This Cheehorse can be yours - if the price is right.
This Cheehorse can be yours - if the price is right.

Seahorse-Shaped Cheeto on eBay: Cheehorse to the Highest Bidder

A seahorse-shaped Cheeto -- one of the few nonreligious or Founding Father-shaped items that people see in edible objects -- is up for auction on eBay. For instance, a chicken nugget resembling George Washington caused a bidding war that sent the price skyrocketing to $8,100, according to the Sioux City Journal.

The cheesy sea creature in question was found last month in a bag of Cheetos, according to the auction listing. The little salty seahorse was originally won in a previous auction for $10.50, but the winning bidder said to keep the money and not bother shipping the little guy.

Turns out proceeds for the auction will benefit Reef Relief, which helps protect our fragile reef ecosystems.  

If you'd like to bid on the Cheehorse, the auction closes tomorrow. The current bid is up to $28. If you absolutely must have this tasty morsel, the buy-it-now price is $8,000 (ouch)!

For that price, shipping is included, though insurance is additional "in the event you are worried about mice/rats devouring this treasure while it makes its way through the U.S. postal system to your door."

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